Friday, August 9, 2013

Frugal Fashion Find

Frugal Fashion Find for $5!!!!

Last Saturday the handsome husband and I attended a wedding. Well, I needed to pick out a dress, but being frugal, I refrained from a new purchase--it took lots of willpower for me and the husband. He loves for me to get new dresses. So, I went shopping in my closet for a past frugal find that I've never worn. I went to a local consignment store and found this great "little black dress" on a clearance rack for $5 cash, and it was in my size!! After inspecting it quickly at the time for any damage (because frugal girls still want quality) and realizing it was a Banana Republic, I shelled out the $5 and took it home to hang expectantly in the closet. Luckily last weekend, when I put this on, it won raves from my husband!! All for five bucks!! See, he looks pretty happy with the choice. To accessorize, I re-purposed a necklace from my daughter and voila! New outfit. By the way, this is one of the most comfortable dresses in spite of being fitted--it's very stretchy. Whew, it was a close call for staying frugal. So, with a little determination, a little time scouring the consignment racks, and very little cash, you can be frugal and still look like a million bucks for only a few!!

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