Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Journey Has Begun...

So our little family of three embarks on a journey to live more frugally--due to a looming college tuition bill we've acquired for the next four years (at least) with our only child. While my husband and I are both gainfully employed, we are decidedly middle class. So, any new debt seems daunting and scary. But, we have decided that as a family and a couple, we can conquer the world--and any debt.
Obstacle One: The university's pay system hates us! That's right. Technology, as much as I love it, has bitten us in the butt today. I began my morning with a large cup of coffee and a debit card, only to log in with an array of passwords and usernames for each level of "the university's" security clearance to finally make payment #1 of what will henceforth be known as "The Plan," and learned that their server is down until tomorrow! Really?!? Now I have to wait until tomorrow. Oh, did I mention that since the deadline will be over for the longer-term plan by the time I can sign in, we'll have to make larger and fewer payments.
Obstacle Two: Our mortgage payments and tuition payments will come on the same day from here until the end of time, or at least until our daughter graduates.

Today's plan: Actually cook only what's in the fridge. We always waste so much money throwing away leftovers or those random food items that were purchased in the frenzy of hunger and exhaustion. So, today's menu may feature some sort of roast (we stocked up), with leftover veggies and potato chips.

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